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Hamburg to host 2021 National Cycling Congress

Cycling experts from across Germany to attend 7th National Cycling Congress

Hamburg is gearing up to host Germany’s National Cycling Congress in spring 2021. Organised by the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, planners, scientists, representatives of industry, politics, associations and federations will debate challenges and opportunities of cycling and on further developing the National Cycling Plan at the congress.

Better cycle routes for Hamburg

Hamburg’s plans foresee a 15 per cent share of cyclists and 25 per cent of the overall traffic volume by the late 2020s. Hamburg will have received more than EUR 30 million in federal funding for the expansion of the bicycle routes before the congress starts, according to Andreas Rieckhof, State Councillor for Economics, Transport and Innovation. Michael Westhagemann, Senator for Economics, said: “The promotion of cycling relieves the burden on the roads. It stands for positive environmental impacts and for cities worth living in.”

National Cycling Plan

The German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure will present the new National Cycling Plan 2021 including citizens’ suggestions at the congress. Andreas Scheuer, German Minister for Transport, has launched fines for second row parking on cycle paths, a general ban on stopping at protective strips and a minimum overtaking distance for motor vehicles.

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