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GET Nord - trade fair for the electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning industry

Around 500 national and international exhibitors will show the latest developments in house technology and intellligent residences, including e-houses monitored by smartphones.

From 20 to 22 November 2014, companies from the electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning industry will showcase new products, systems and services at the Hamburg fair grounds on 60,000 square metres. Focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy management and building control, GET Nord has become a major platform for building automation and advanced uses of heat and energy. In addition, ​​sanitary facilities are becoming an increasingly important issue. Exhibitors includes highly reputed companies such as Hans Grohe, Hansa, Ideal Standard, Schell and Toto.

Modern heating technologies at a glance

Highly efficient technologies that also allow the coupling of renewable energies, will be showcases by a special exhibition at GET Nord. The heating industry is represented with all the technical solutions currently available: calorific value techniques based on gas or oil, cogeneration and renewable energy systems such as biomass heating systems, heat pumps, and solar thermal. As part of BDH special show “Efficient systems and renewable energies”, the Federal Industrial Association of Germany House, Energy and Environmental Engineering will inform on the status quo of modern heating technology.

The new e-house: integrated technology

Intelligent building is presented in the new, modern edition of the 100 square metre large E-house. Issues such as building automation, energy production for internal consumption, energy storage and management, safety and comfort are experienced can be explored in the room of a walk-in exhibit. Transparent glass floors and walls allow visitors detailed insights into the systems and products used. All functions of the e-house are already used in practice. The northern German trade associations for the electrical trades will conduct tours daily tours during the fair. Exhibitors offering solutions for smartphone controlled sytems used for lighting, heating, air conditioning or blinds include Gira, Jung, Busch-Jaeger, and Schneider Electric.

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