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Four special shows at Mineralien Hamburg 2016

Rubies from Thailand, silver from Argentina among glittering highlights. Visitors can expect plenty of action and speeches. Around 400 exhibitors expected

Over 400 exhibitors from all corners of the globe are expected at this year’s Mineralien Hamburg in the Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH fairground from December 2 -4, 2016. Their exhibits include fascinating one-of-a-kind treasures, precious jewellery and ancient fossils and well-preserved dinosaur skeletons. There will also be many activities on offer for families and children such as gold panning and fossil preparation. Four different shows will include themed highlights.

Gemstones, rubies and treasures from South America

One special exhibition will be dedicated to rubies – one of the rarest and most expensive gemstones. Rainer Bode, an expert at Mineralien Hamburg said: “We will show different varieties.” Rubies used to be considered “stones of life and love” and are now mainly processed gemstones, the fair said. Myanmar, Thailand und Sri Lanka are the main exporters of rubies. Another special exhibition, “Copper · Silver · Gold – Hamburg Welcomes the Andes”, will focus on sparkling exhibits found at dizzying heights in Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Chile.

Fossilized see urchins and diamond grinders

The Kiel-based geology and palaeontology association, the Geologisch-Paläontologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Kiel, will be granting access to its members’ collections to mark its 70th anniversary. As the title suggests, “Versteinertes Leben aus dem Urmeer”, fossilised life from the primordial ocean will be on show such treasures as ammonites, sea urchins, trilobites, shells, snails, fish, corals and trace fossils.

A fourth special show “Lapidary Art” will highlight the various aspects of the gemstone industry. Visitors can look over the shoulders of diamond, gemstone and agate cutters as well as gemstone engravers at work. Partners of the Mineralien Hamburg this year are the Archäologisches Museum Hamburg, the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and the Eiszeit-Museum ice age museum.

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