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Decision-makers in logistics meet at Food & E-Commerce in Hamburg

Online food trade still a niche market. Young firms like Foodist and Foodboom point to potential

The exciting Food E-Commerce Conference gets underway Thursday (September 15th) for decision-makers in logistics, industry, trade, and technology service providers. The conference in Henssler & Henssler, a restaurant run by the TV celebrity chef Steffen Henssler in the port of Hamburg, is being organised by the trade newspaper Deutsche Logistik-Zeitung (DVZ) in co-operation with the Hamburg@work cluster initiative and the Bundesverband Paket & Express Logistik (BIEK).

Over EUR 170 billion in sales

The e-commerce food sector is booming and Amazon Fresh is not the only company developing business ideas for the sector. Many start-ups are coming up with new innovative concepts. Young companies like Foodist, Foodboom, Foodguide Frischpost reflect the diverse players in the field. Last year, sales in food retail came to over EUR 170 billion, according to Statista. However, the segment is still a niche online market as the overall share of e-commerce accounted for only 1.6 per cent last year, according to DVZ.

Higher consumer demands

Insiders are fully aware that competition in trade depends on many factors and not just the price. Nowadays, multi-channel concepts are key to positioning a product on the market. Processes like socio-demographic developments, digitalisation and ongoing urbanisation are important catalysts of the online food trade. At the same time, consumers are making higher demands on the quality of food, availability and fresh products. The Food E-Commerce Conference will focus on how the logistics sector can react to the new challenges and opportunities.

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