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Cognitive computing experts in medicine to meet in Hamburg

CCMME 2018 to focus on digitalisation in medicine

Experts and decision-makers will meet in Hamburg on June 8, 2018 for the “Cognitive Computing in Medicine and Radiology: Meet the Experts” event to focus on research in Medicine 4.0. The agenda includes solutions in daily clinical practice and practical approaches that are accepted by experts. Experienced radiologists and opinion leaders will also highlight important legal regulations related to the new technologies.

Digital progress in medicine

Digitalisation impacts nearly ever life sphere including medicine. Unlike start-ups and artificial intelligence researchers, who promise great improvements, doctors are questioning the actual requirements. Many hospitals have to consider how new technologies can be put to use in view of highly sensitive data. And big data may pave the way to automated analyses.

Artificial intelligence in medicine

During the one-day meeting, keynote speakers including Dr. Miriam Leis from the Fraunhofer Institut in Munich will discuss the opportunities and methods of artificial intelligence. Prof. Dr. Stefan Schönberg, a Mannheim-based radiologist, will give insight into radiomics – a field that aims to extract large amounts of quantitative features from medical images using data-characterisation algorithms. Henkjan Huisman from Norway will talk about deep learning in medicine. René Steinhäuser, a lawyer based in Hamburg, will talk about the legal aspects of artificial intelligence.

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