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ADC Festival: Dörte Spengler-Ahrens outlines key trends

Growing number of entries reflects importance of ADC Festival - focus on disruption in advertising this year

Hamburg News spoke to Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, a member of ADC’s presidency and Managing Director Creation at Jung von Matt/Elbe about the latest trends, advertising and innovations in storytelling.

Hamburg News: What has made the ADC Festival, underway from May 8-21, 2017, the most important creative festival in the German-speaking region and what can we expect this year?

Spengler-Ahrens: The ADC Festival with 16,000 visitors, 30 speakers from eleven countries across four continents and at two congresses is Europe’s second-most important creative festival after Cannes. The exhibition in Hamburg’s Museum of Work with around 7,000 exhibits is the biggest global show of creative works in ‘ordered communication’. We wish to put the finger on the pulse of the times under the 2017 theme ‘Disrupting Germany – Creativity beats Technology?’ The question is to how to fuse technology and creativity to reap maximum productivity.

Hamburg News: Are you satisfied with this year’s entries?

Spengler-Ahrens: ADC has been able to increase the number of entries. That shows our rising importance as a relevant competition for agencies, digital and design offices. A glance at the categories shows that ADC has taken the right steps as reflected by more entries in digital, design, PR and branded content.

Hamburg News: Successful adverting is exciting and motivates people. We have seen many different approaches. What will advertising look like in future?

Spengler-Ahrens: Advertising in future must continue to motivate people’s hearts and minds, their opinions and conduct. Maximum surprising effects and entertainment achieve that successfully. Brands tell stories. However, the latest trend is advertising that no longer appears as such e.g. online films that have the quality of feature films but with different narrative structures or entirely changed formats.

Hamburg News: Are there examples of such trends?

Spengler-Ahrens: Lengths! Even if new media like Facebook and YouTube are, unfortunately, telling customers the opposite – length achieves the maximum effect. That leads to great opportunities for telling stories in diverse ways and finding new formats ranging from music videos, animated films, short film-like moving images, cat songs and lots more.

Hamburg News: Will we see innovations in storytelling or will they be technical?

Spengler-Ahrens: I am certain that both will happen. “Check it before it’s removed” is the pink ribbon of storytelling. Animated films tell stores. Even product innovations can tell stories.

Hamburg News: Hamburg takes pride in hosting the ADC Festival. How is the city faring compared to other German cities and internationally?

Spengler-Ahrens: Hamburg is attractive – we notice that in visitors’ lively approval. Hamburg is Germany’s leading city in communication, media and the creative sector. Over 85,000 people in Hamburg earn their money from a profession in these sectors.

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Dörte Spengler-Ahrens

Dörte Spengler-Ahrens, 45, hails from Hamburg and counts among Europe’s best advertisers and has won many national and international awards. She has been a member of management at Jung von Matt for over 15 years and is partner and Managing Director of Jung von Matt/SAGA. As a board member of the Art Directors Club (ADC) e.V., Spengler-Ahrens is responsible for congresses and seminars and has lobbied to bring the annual ADC Festival to Hamburg.

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