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Hamburg to host the 32nd German-Brazilian Business Conference

31 August to 2 September 2014 at Congress Center Hamburg (CCH) • Workshops and panels • hundreds of representatives from both states to discuss infrastructure, logistics, health, trade, renewable energies and port issues.

A year ago, Hamburg had applied at BDI to host the conference that will now be taking place at CCH Congress Center Hamburg: the 32nd German-Brazilian Economic Meeting. From 31 August to 2 September 2014, several hundred representatives from business and politics will discuss current economic policy issues and business opportunities in workshops and panels. Focal themes include infrastructure, logistics, supply chains, and the healthcare industry. The third day of the conference will tackle topics vital to the host city of Hamburg, such as retail, consumer goods, port issues, and renewable energies.

Traditional Hamburg trade partner

Brazil is by far the largest economy in Latin America and the world’s number six. The great wealth of natural resources, the large investments in infrastructure, and a growing affluent middle class offer interesting business opportunities for companies. The Senate of Hamburg and Hamburg merchants were among the first to recognise the importance of the Latin American continent. Already in 1826, Hamburg entered contracts with Latin American countries built up trade relations. While the import of coffee dominated at first, trade relations todays cover a wide range of sectors, including, inter alia, port and logistics, (renewable) energies, aviation, and IT. Also of high importance to Hamburg is the exchange at political level,with the EU Latin America and Caribbean Foundation chaired by the former Austrian Foreign Minister and EU Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner, located in Hamburg. First Mayor Olaf Scholz emphasised the importance of the region by a delegation trip in 2013.

Most important bilateral trade meeting

Held in alternate years in Brazil and Germany, the German-Brazilian Economic Meeting is the largest bilateral economic summit and the most important event in the bilateral economic relations between the two countries. The annual meeting is by the BDI as the voice of the German industry and his Brazilian counterpart CNI with support of the German Chamber of Commerce in Sao Paulo.

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