Week-long festivities to mark 125th anniversary of Hamburg City Hall

Festivities include guided tours, a photo exhibition and open day
25 October 2022
Hamburg City Hall and Lake Alster

Inaugurated on October 26, 1897, City Hall opened its doors in the heart of Hamburg between Lake Alster and the Elbe River 125 years ago and has shaped the life and image of the city ever since. Week-long festivities (October 21-27, 2022) including scenic tours, a photo exhibition and an open day are being held to mark the anniversary. Events on Monday (October 24, 2022) included the opening of an exhibition entitled "A House for All" and a book presentation "125 Stories" attended by Carola Veit, President of the Hamburg Parliament and Dr Peter Tschentscher, Mayor of Hamburg.

Landmark and centre of urban democracy

Commenting earlier on the building's history, Veit noted: "Over the past 125 years, the walls of City Hall have seen many, bright and dark moments in German history. The heart of Hamburg's democracy is here today."  Commenting on its location and function, Tschentscher noted: "City Hall is a landmark of Hamburg. It is at the centre of historical events and determines the course of our city into the future." The anniversary offers a good opportunity to discover the history of City Hall and to learn more about the senate's work and that of parliament.

Anniversary week including exhibitions and guided tours

Members of parliament and senators as well as performers will guide visitors around the "new" building as part of the festivities and will likely tell a tale or two. Hamburg's former town hall at Trostbrücke had to be blown up in 1842 to stop the Great Fire in its tracks. Fifty-five years later, the "new" town hall was inaugurated to great public rapture and festivities on October 26, 1897