VRHAM 2020 to showcase VR art

VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival to go ahead in June 
04 May 2020

Applicants have until the deadline of May 8 to submit 360° films focusing on the corona crisis for the VRHAM! Virtual Reality & Arts Festival 2020. The festival, underway from June 5-13, 2020 in Hamburg’s Oberhafenquartier, will give art lovers an opportunity to experience virtual, augmented and mixed reality artworks, meet international artists and exchange ideas in a digital space

Artistic view of the crisis

The films will be shown in the Virtual Reality (VR) Cinema. “Everything is different this year, and we are making a virtue out of necessity. VRHAM! VIRTUAL offers a predominantly digital festival in 2020 with as much festival feeling as possible”, says Ulrich Schrauth, Artistic Director of VRHAM! VRHAM! VIRTUAL. The festival is the first almost fully real world of experience with virtual features. International artistic VR works will be shown and the artists presented. The festival features a virtual exhibition, digital panels, keynotes, parties and a live programme.

International co-operation

The Museum of Other Realities (MOR) and the Kaleidoscope. network for virtual reality art are partners to the festival. MOR became a virtual museum in 2017 and offers artists an opportunity to exchange ideas and network. Kaleidoscope aims to bring together artists and industry to develop, finance and spread new XR projects i.e. mixed reality. “Ideally, festival visitors should be able to choose the right access path via the VRHAM! website and use the technology their own private technology. Partnerships with VR technology rental companies are also being considered to provide viewers with the necessary equipment,” said Schrauth.



More than 4,000 people visited the first VRHAM festival in 2018. There are three categories, VRExhibiton, VRHAM Live and VRHAM. An international jury will present the VRHAMMYAWARDS to open the festival. Emphasis will also be on up-and-coming Hamburg-based artists. Two “residencies” will be awarded to virtual reality teams of artists, whose brand new works will be presented during the opening weekend.