Understanding the future in 12 hours - 12HRS.US online conference

Society Disrupted theme of international conference on digitalisation and society in Hamburg
18 June 2020
12HRS.US Conferenz 2019

The second international 12HRS.US conference gets underway on June 23-24, 2020 under the theme of "SOCIETY DISRUPTED" - an apt description in the wake of corona. Society, the economic system and certain ideals are being turned upside down in record time. The conference aims to reflect on this disruption and discuss ways of mitigating the crisis surrounding the global corona pandemic and instead using it to everyone’s benefit.

Digitalisation and society

The 12HRS.US conference evolved from the 12MIN.ME Meetup and digitalisation has long since become a buzzword in politics and business. However, many questions remain unanswered. Are all kinds of technology today ethically justifiable? Where does society  stand in terms of digitalisation what is likely to happen in future? What will society look like? Keynote speakers from all kinds of sector will address these and other issues in their digital talks, panels and workshops.

Thinking anew

"Even though everyone is talking today about digital transformation and its consequences, our society and major institutions are still trapped in the mindset of a bygone age. You don't have to think around, you have to think anew," said Oliver Rößling, founder and organiser of the conference.

Social acceptance 

When it comes socially acceptable new, technological, digital or innovative products and ideas, trust and sustainability are linked to simple and understandable ideas, measures or products. This context is becoming the main focal point in business, politics and research. Free tickets for the event can be reserved here.




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