German creator scene to flock to Polaris Convention 2023

Famous creators expected at fair for games, e-sports and Asian pop culture (October 13-15, 2023)
21 April 2023
Cosplay-Contest auf der Polaris Convention 2022

Gaming, anime, manga, e-sports, Asian pop culture, fan art and a food mile are set to take centre stage during the Polaris Convenient underway in Hamburg's exhibition halls from October 13-15, 2023. Several well-known creators are expected at the trade fair organised by Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH and the Super Crowd event management company.

Over 200 exhibitors on 20,000 square metres

Around 200 exhibitors are expected as well as creators including Lara Loft, Ninotaku TV, Farbenfuchs, Fishcop, Dennsen86 and Doktor Froid. New on the guest list are the 1UP artists Gronkh, Pandorya, Phunk Royal, Liza Grimm and Marvin Clifford as well as Rocket Beans TV and Einfachjapanisch. Creators will be playing tournaments, presenting or taking part in panels on stage sponsored by the Plitch software producer.

Five themed worlds and mobile games  

Visitors to the Polaris Convention can expect five themed worlds. E-sportsmen will compete in the Cyberdome while everything revolves around gaming in the Sandbox. Fans of Asian pop culture can meet in Neo Taki or view artists' works in Valdhaym. A food mile will be available in the Munchi Market. Delegates can experience the Polaris Convention as a mobile game or on the Polaris app, which features an avatar, integrated sticker search, free game mechanics and friends list and was nominated for the German Computer Game Award 2023. Visitors can purchase a day ticket or a three-day ticket and parents can avail of the "Bring Your Kids" ticket. Discount codes from creators can cut admission by 10 per cent.