Xing study reveals employees top three wishes for 2022

Sheds light on emerging work trends
29 December 2021
Remote Working

A job that makes people happy has topped the 2022 wish list of professionals in German-speaking countries, a survey by the Hamburg-based Xing career network has found. A total of 413 people in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were interviewed for the survey in December 2021. Their top three wishes include a higher salary and more time with family and friends. A modern office came last on people’s wish list. 

"Meaning" queried more frequently 

"The question of meaning is being queried more and more frequently," said Sabrina Zeplin, CEO of Xing. "The fact that 41 per cent of respondents want a job that makes them happy in 2022 shows that people are looking for activities and an environment in which they can be themselves and realize their potential." More than half of respondents (56 per cent) were satisfied with the current work year and happy with their current job. Yet, the past working year has involved more stress and challenges for around six in ten respondents than in 2020. They observed a change in the way they dealt with colleagues and customers, more remote working options and fewer business trips.

Remote working option available to most employees 

Asked about new work models, more than half of interviewees came out in favor of mobile working, according to Xing. In addition, just under one-third each considered a four-day week with a full workload and a workweek with reduced working hours of 30 hours attractive. Around nine out of ten respondents have the option of working partly or entirely remotely. Hybrid models could become the new standard as only 4 per cent would forego working from home in future, Xing found. However, only 8 per cent of respondents would consider working exclusively from home.


Xing-Stimmungbarometer Arbeitsjahr 2022
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Result of Xing survey (December 2021)