Stadtreinigung Hamburg goes electric

Company testing fully electric digger
14 July 2020
View of Stadtreinigung Hamburg

Stadtreinigung Hamburg (SRH) has launched tests of a fully electric digger at its recycling yard in Liebigstraße. The prototype by Atlas GmbH weighs 21 tonnes and is the first battery-powered, zero-emission digger. The purchase was sponsored by the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure as part of the "Clean Air Immediate Program".

Fleet with alternative drives

Stadtreinigung Hamburg is converting its fleet to alternative drive systems. Apart from 100 cars and vans, an electric refuse collection lorry and an electric lorry-mounted sweeper, the digger is the first electrically powered vehicle used at the recycling yard and is significantly quieter thanks to the electric engine.

Electric mobility in the recycling yard

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Siechau, Managing Director of Stadtreinigung Hamburg, noted: "The use of this modern digger means the issue of electro mobility is now visible in the recycling yard. The vehicle is both quiet and emission-free. It saves more than 16 tons of CO2 every year. Apart from reliable service, we also aim to develop our fleet in an environment-friendly, sustainable and progressive manner."

Same vehicle body, different drive

A special charging station was set up at the recycling yard on Liebigstraße to charge batteries with direct current. The battery can be charged without any problems while the recycling yard is open. An identical model will be go into operation at the recycling yard in Wandsbek by late 2020. SRH will decide whether to purchase more electric diggers when test operations end next year.