IFB Hamburg funding website for breast cancer patients

"Calling all breast cancer patients: Go online," urges Prof. Dr. Pia Wülfing, founder of Pink!
03 February 2022
Pink ribbon

The "Pink gegen Brustkrebs GmbH" website for breast cancer patients has secured a grant of EUR 75,000 from IFB Hamburg’s InnoFounder scheme. Several other investors have also come on board, according to Prof. Dr. Pia Wülfing and Katharina von Trotha, the founders of Pink!, which offers breast cancer patients support from diagnosis to aftercare. 

Digital self-help for breast cancer patients 

"We want to provide breast cancer patients with interactive offers that give them professional and humane advice, and encourage them to actively reduce their own risk of relapse," said Wülfing. The website offers videos, podcasts and articles about breast cancer, treatment, a healthy diet, suitable exercises, sports, meditation and yoga.

InnoFounder scheme for start-ups

IFB's scheme targets mostly start-ups with innovative, digital or sustainable ideas. The grant has allowed the Pink! team to grow from two to ten staff. The start-up now hopes to launch an app offering women with breast cancer even more everyday support.


IFB Hamburg

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