Hamburg's Traceless start-up wins "Idea Award" and EUR 50,000

Founders' compostable plastic substitute proves a winner
02 December 2021
Founders of Traceless

The Hamburg-based Traceless start-up won Thursday (November 25, 2021) the 15th Darboven Idea Award and EUR 50,000 in prize money for their compostable plastic substitute. The founders, Johanna Baare and Anne Lamp, had won over Albert Darboven, who has distinguished women's innovative start-up ideas since 1997. This year, the jury focused on the sustainability of business concepts for the first time.


Compostable plastic substitute

Launched in 2020, Traceless develops compostable plastics from biomass to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic. Its products are made from agricultural residues. The entrepreneurs came second in the Future Hamburg Award this summer and in October, the duo secured around EUR 2.5 million in funds and an investment from the European Innovation Council followed by the Idea Award in November. "We need innovative business concepts that solve social challenges and generate economic growth particularly in these tough economical times," said Darboven.


Presentation of Idea Award
© Traceless
Johanna Baare (l.), Albert Darboven and Anne Lamp (r.)

Hamburg's Tutaka wins public vote

Beatrix Försterm, founder of Doderm, won second prize followed by Katrin Schuhen, founder of Wasser 3.0, in third place. Doderm has developed a biotechnological method of obtaining therapeutic antibacterial antibodies from cow's milk. Wasser 3.0 has come up with a means of removing microplastics from water. The Hamburg-based founders, Alexandra Herget and Franziska Altenrath, won the public vote with their start-up Tutaka. The founders offer a marketplace for sustainable products and services in the hospitality sector. Darboven commented: "The sponsorship award underlines the potential of women and female entrepreneurs, who should receive more publicity as they are still underrepresented in business start-ups. "