Hamburg's Hausgold raises EUR 10 million in latest financing round

Digital property platform notches up strong growth in 2021
10 December 2021

The Hamburg-based digital property platform, Hausgold, has raised EUR 10 million in the latest round of financing based on strong growth in revenue this year. New and existing investors including Martin Blessing, former CEO of Commerzbank, and Joachim Schoss, founder of Scout24 are now on board. The fresh capital will go towards the expansion of digital services and making the platform accessible for associated service providers. Founded in 2014, Hausgold uses an algorithm to simplify property sales for agents and owners.

Hausgold to scale its business model

The secret to Hausgold's success lies in the mutual benefit for property sellers and agents, the company said. "More than 4,500 independent and experienced agents nationwide coupled with a proprietary, innovative digital platform enables us to offer owners a simple, transparent and tailored property sale," said Sebastian Wagner, CEO of Hausgold. "We will increase our revenue by almost 100 per cent this year over last year and currently stand at an annualised brokerage commission of over EUR 40 million." The capital raised will allow Hausgold to scale up its business model in future, he added.