Hamburg's Claimsforce raises EUR 7 million in latest financing round

Start-up specialises in swift claims settlement
28 August 2020
Start-up investments

The Hamburg-based Claimsforce start-up, which aims to revolutionize insurance claims processing with its software, has raised around EUR 7 million in a Series A round of financing. The company is now aiming to significantly increase its workforce and to expand to the United States and Europe. The London-based company Notion Capital, which now seeks closer co-operation, is among the latest investors.

Making claims easier

Claimsforce uses cutting-edge technology to accelerate claims management for insurers including surveyors, regulators and end customers. The digitalized process helps the company raise satisfaction for both insurers and policyholders. Greater efficiency and transparency lowers expenses. Artificial intelligence and several data points makes the evaluation of claims accurate and swifter.