Game still on for RCADIA

New gaming space for virtual worlds at RCADIA in Bergedorf
22 August 2022

RCADIA 's latest gaming area features a so-called VR "Tower Tag", sim racing or augmented reality fun for beginners and professionals alike. After opening entertainment stations and event areas in April, RCADIA remains on track to become a global platform for e-sports and gaming. Launched by the Hamburg-based entrepreneur Tomislav Karajica, the RCADIA concept combines an e-sports gaming house, which is home to the internationally successful "Unicorns of Love" team, as well as shared living, working and retailing approaches. New players such as the Berlin-based S4G School for Games are gradually moving into the 20,000-square-metre site in Hamburg-Bergedorf.

Tower Tag and Race Simulator in VR

The new gaming world includes Tower Tag, developed by VR Nerds in Hamburg. The game is reminiscent of paintball in the analog world, except that Tower Tag players are immersed in a virtual environment. Each team tries to conquer as many towers as possible. VR technology creates a huge cyber punk-like stadium atmosphere in a tinyl space. Thanks to motion technology, players move swiftly across the virtual playing field and develop their strategies unhindered and uhinged. Visitors to the Actoracer Lounge can expect fast action. Six of Actoracer Lite TL's car racing simulators with drift modules and VR headsets are used to achieve the greatest possible immersion. Not surprisingly, professional racing drivers use the technology to train for their next race. Simulationstechnik Lingnau GmbH, which manufactures, sells and leases professional racing simulators, is partner to the lounge.

RCADIA's Tower Tag
© Rcadia
Tower Tag in RCADIA's gaming area

Escape room in a hologram environment

Project Paranoid is about nothing less than saving the world. The Escape Room, developed by Phoenix Reality, takes you to the year 2029. The climate catastrophe has peaked and the world is fighting an uncontrolled rise in CO2. However, it can be stopped using the air filter climate protection scheme "CREEP". The action takes place in a hologram environment, which is visible thanks to augmented reality technology. Nathalie Haut, a representative of RCADIA, remarked: "We are creating a hybrid experience in the RCADIA gaming area that combines analogue and digital fun in a unique way. Well-known leisure experiences such as laser tag or the Escape Room have been realised in a trendy way thanks to the latest VR and AR technology for everyone to experience."