Future Hamburg Talk meets Nadine Herbrich, co-founder of Recyclehero

Nadine Herbrich, Managing Director, outlines Recyclehero's vision and talks mindsets in Hamburg
21 June 2022
Nadine Herbich, Managing Director of Recyclehero

A circular economy is considered crucial to more climate protection and secure resources. Humankind already consumes more resources than the earth can provide. Nadine Herbrich and Alessandro Cocco launched Recyclehero in 2018 to push recycling out of its eco niche and higher up the agenda. Their climate-friendly pick-up service for recyclables aims to raise awareness of recycling and to do good by building bridges to the labour market as well.

The impact start-up now employs around 20 people and has collected old clothes free of charge for six months. In the latest Future Hamburg Talk, Herbrich reveals the business model behind Recyclehero and why the mindset of people in Hamburg is so important.