Eurogate Intermodal and driveMybox join forces for digital trucking

Partnership to digitise and expand container trucking all over Germany
10 November 2023

The Hamburg-based EUROGATE provider of intermodal transport for maritime containers, and driveMybox, a digital platform for container trucking, have reached a strategic partnership to digitise trucking in Germany,  a press release said Wednesday (November 1, 2023). The partners have also set up the new driveMybox logistics company as a wholly owned subsidiary of EGIM.

EGIM and driveMybox pooling strengths

"EGIM has a strong history of delivering innovative intermodal solutions, and we are continually evolving our business to provide value today, tomorrow and in the decades ahead,” said Christopher Beplat, Managing Director of EGIM. “The expansion of our digital logistics portfolio to include trucking was the next logical step for our business. After careful evaluation, the EGIM and driveMybox management teams are convinced forming driveMybox logistics enables us to combine strengths to best digitise trucking operations in Germany and create value along the supply chain.”

Expanding digital trucking in Germany 

The founding of driveMybox comes after the successful launch of railMybox as EGIM's digital rail transport solution in 2022. The new company will allow EGIM to integrate its rail and truck services and to offer customers comprehensive digital intermodal solutions. EGIM also aims to leverage its existing relationships with trucking companies to expand the network of trusted driveMybox carriers in Germany. Gordon Friza, CFO of driveMybox platform, remarked: “We are splitting driveMybox activities. The core focus of the platform will continue to be the technical development of digital solutions and expanding the usage of the platform globally. Simultaneously, driveMybox logistics is well positioned to operationally advance digital trucking in Germany."