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Online platform offers information on finances, insurance and taxes
23 July 2020

A blog called has become the latest website for founders, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. Launched in May by Lisa Fink and Marcel Neumann, the blog aims to become the first point of contact on financial, insurance and tax matters. The duo both work for a fintech company and wish to make their knowledge of entrepreneurship available on transparently through their reports.

Platform for the self-employed and founders

Although there are many comparable platforms on the internet, none of them focus on the self-employed and founders. Coupled with a lack of independent sources for financial and insurance issues, the duo had plenty of food for thought, which eventually prompted them to establish their website. Both have years of experience in the finance and insurance sectors and complement each other's know-how.

Safety as a benchmark

The blog gives founders information about products that provide security and increase productivity, according to the founders. Comparisons of financial products, insurances and services as well as tests make decisions easier for start-ups. Tips on books, hardware, software and tools are also available.

Participation as a business model

Fink and Neumann value good, personnel relations and teamwork and invite users to write guest commentaries and to suggest topics for reports. This ensures a constant flow of updated information, which is tailored to the needs of the target group.