Co-working space now open in Hamburg Airport

Beehive in Terminal 2 features workspaces and meeting rooms – online reservations possible and at short notice
22 May 2023
Coworking-Space von Beehive im Hamburger Flughafen

The Beehive co-working space is now open in Terminal 2 at Hamburg Airport. Passengers can reserve a space online and make good use of their waiting time before departure, the airport announced Thursday (May 4, 2023). 

Book online and at short notice

Beehive offers spaces to work and to hold video conferences or meetings. Quiet zones are availble for relaxed breaks including tea and coffee. Day tickets are available from EUR 19.99. Beehive charges a flat day rate for its co-working spaces at Hamburg Central Station and elsewhere. Simply book your workspace online and get instant 24/7 access to the Beehive co-working spaces. Beehive has co-working spaces in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf.

Working in international airport atmosphere

"We are now offering passengers an opportunity to enjoy the unique airport atmosphere in an everyday work life. Passengers can work undisturbed in a well-equipped office near the departure gates," said Lutz Deubel, Head of Center Management at Hamburg Airport. Anna-Maria Losos, Head of Co-working at Beehive, remarked: "Many of us have experienced the situation ourselves. There is still time before the flight, but not enough to get anything done outside the airport. Many people need a quiet and relaxed place for video conferences or meetings with colleagues from different places. Beehive’s airport workspace is ideal for these situations as it is instantly accessible and in the perfect environment."