Beflex starts building new prototyping centre in Hamburg

KATEK's subsidiary combining customer proximity and time-to-market advantages
24 July 2020

The Hamburg-based beflex began building a new EMS competence centre in Hamburg in early July. The company is part of the KATEK Group and is continuing its Germany-wide strategy of combining customer proximity and time-to-market advantages. It has customers in the aerospace, medical and industrial electronics industries and has assured them of a seamless transition from prototyping to small series production.

Seamless prototyping - low volume production

"Our branch in Hamburg will focus on rapid prototyping mainly for customers in the aerospace and medical technology industries, as well as those who develop high-quality industrial products and require complex electronic assemblies. The big advantage is that we can seamlessly transition from prototyping to small series production at the site in Hamburg and we only have to change the plant, not the supplier for large series production," said Jens Arnold, Managing Director of beflex. The company produces highly complex electronic prototypes in a week right up to the transition to series production of any batch size thereby completing the KATEK Group's services.

Andrea Klinger, Beflex
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Strategic reorientation in Hamburg

Andreas Klinger, Business Development Manager, has been responsible for strategic business alignment at beflex since early July. Klinger, 55, noted: "Accompanying the customer from the initial idea to the finished product changes the co-operation to a strategic partnership in which individual solutions are generated in a team and everyone's experience is incorporated. This makes the process of product introduction faster and more efficient and ensures that know-how remains with the customer and production takes place in close proximity." Production in Hamburg is due to start in autumn 2020.



The international KATEK SE Group is one of Europe's leading electronics service providers. It employs  2,400 staff in Germany and Eastern Europe and earned turnover of more than EUR 350 million. The range of services covers the entire life cycle of electronic assemblies - from development, material and project management, electronics production, box building, test engineering, logistics to after-sales service. KATEK's production volume ranges from prototypes and small series to large series for all industries. The KATEK Group is the electronics division of PRIMEPULSE, a technology-orientated holding company based in Munich.