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New app for frequent travellers

Flio airport app offers swift WLAN, digital payment and info about waiting times. User numbers may soar

The Hamburg-based internet entrepreneur, Stephan Uhrenbacher, has launched an android version of the Flio app, which promises users more comfort and services in airports. The app was initially launched on the market in mid 2015 on Apple end devices. Uhrenbacher said: “We can double our potential user numbers with the android version.”

Co-operation with London Heathrow

Uhrenbacher noted: “As a frequent traveller, I wanted to develop something that cuts down stress at the airport and helps me find important information and services.” Uhrenbacher founded the start-up with Andy Watson and Ken Knoll. Although the airport app is a product of Air Media Service Ltd, Flio is managed from London and the co-operation started with London Heathrow.

Around 80,000 users

The airport app gives users fast access to official WLAN networks at 350 airports worldwide. At airports where the app is not in use, personal data has to be entered to dial into WLAN. Flio also informs users about products and offers at airport retailers such as The Duty Free Group or about Swissport services. Details of take-offs and landings at terminals are also available. The app allegedly provides 2,000 pages of content. Flio currently has around 80,000 users, the firm says.

Accelerating security checks

Last November, the managers of Flio announced a payment function via the app. Guests at Heathrow Airport could book their train tickets to London or gain access to the airport lounge with the app. The payment system is due to be expanded from London to other airports. Flio has negotiated a discount deal with retail partners to encourage users to shop with the app. Meanwhile, details of waiting times can be called up for security checks at over 20 airports including Dublin, Hamburg, Atlanta and Vancouver.

Experienced partners

Uhrenbacher has two experienced partners in Watson and Collie. Watson formerly worked for Spotify and expanded the business in Britain, the U.S. and Asia. Brian Collier is a former director of BAA Group Retail and Chairman of the Board at World Duty Free. Uhrenbacher also founded Qype, now known as Yelp, and 9flats.com.

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