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Hamburg Aviation pushes ahead with internationalisation strategy

Hamburg aviation firms attend Aerospace Week 2016 in Montréal. Cluster to outline target regions during international workshop

As part of an internationalisation strategy, Hamburg Aviation and Centre for Applied Research in Aviation ZAL and a delegation of seven firms attended the Aerospace Week 2016 from April 25-29, 2016 held by Aero Montréal to celebrate its tenth anniversary.

Factory tours of Bombardier and Liebherr

Aviation firms including from Hamburg including Comprise Tec and Innovint and Vartan took part in two conferences called Innovation Aerospace Forum an CRIAQ Research Forum in Montréal. Members of the delegation had a chance to pitch their firms’ ideas for projects during CRIAQ, to get feedback and meet potential partners.

Tours of Bombardier and Liebherr allowed delegation members to get a first-hand view of economic clout in the province of Québec in aviation. Hamburg Aviation said Montréal complements Hamburg’s strengths in terms of cabins especially in Supply Chain Management. Thus, one of the cluster’s long-term goals is to profit from the other city’s strengths.

Internationalisation workshop at TuTech Innovation GmbH

The trip to Montréal is part of Hamburg Aviation’s internationalisation strategy, launched by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). As part of the project, Hamburg’s aviation strategy is to receive up to EUR 4 million in funds over the next five years.

During the kick-off event on January 19, Hamburg Aviation and the key figures in the cluster outlined seven regions for comprehensive analysis. The results were presented during a workshop on April 14, 2016 in ZAL TechCenter. The aviation cluster will determine the final target regions and outline goals and target indicators for individual regions during the next workshop on May 26, 2016 at TuTech Innovation, a tech transfer company by the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg.

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About the German government's high-tech strategy

The internationalisation of clusters and networks is part of a high-tech strategy with which the German government aims to push the development of innovations and to foster links between science, commerce, research and society. In June 2015, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) announced the projects forming part of the support measure “Internationalisation of Top Clusters. Future Projects and Comparable Networks” (Internationalisierung von Spitzenclustern, Zukunftsprojekten und vergleichbaren Netzwerken) including Hamburg Aviation. Funds of up to EUR 4 million will go towards strengthening the export of research-intensive goods. For more information, see: www.bmbf.de/spitzenforschung-aus-deutschland und www.bmbf.de/cluster-netzwerke-international

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