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First start-ups move to ZAL in early 2017

Synergeticon and Jetlite prove successful – about to leave Airbus Bizlab with a market-ready product for rooms in the ZAL TechCenter

The first start-ups are preparing to move to the Centre for Applied Research in Aviation (ZAL) in Hamburg bringing it a step closer to becoming the “Silicon Valley of aviation”, according to Roland Gerhards, Managing Director of ZAL. They will be in close proximity to aviation giants like Airbus and Lufthansa Technik.

Industrie 4.0-Innovation

One future tenant, Synergeticon, is developing, a clever assistance systems for factory workers, which has so far been used mainly in aviation. The assistance system can be handled using a tablet interface, which eases the workload and avoids errors during the process. As the Industry 4.0 pioneers have already exhausted their financial means with previous projects, they wish to continue co-operating with Lufthansa Technik in ZAL from January 2017.

Light for easing jetlag

Jetlite is the second Hamburg-based start-up gearing up for the move. The company has developed a lighting concept using LED technology to ease jetlag after long-haul flights. The product is based on an algorithm developed by Dr. Achim Leder, co-founder of Jetlite. The lighting aboard an aircraft is adjusted to flight times, direction, time zones, daylight and season. Jetlite plans to move to ZAL early next year. Leder has announced “a flying switch from Airbus Bizlab to ZAL”.

Jump from Airbus BizLab

Both future tenants have gone similar paths. Synergeticon has already gone through Airbus BizLab’s accelerator programme thanks to its potential for use in aviation. And they also had the support of the Startup Dock at the TUHH. The Airbus accelerator programme is also available in Toulouse, France and Bangalore, India and supports projects from the early phase until they are ready for the market. Experts and mentors support the founders and help them progress with their ideas and turn them into successful business models. David Küstner, Synergeticon said: “We met the right people in the Airbus Bizlab easily and immediately had a very different standing.” Both teams of founders now have a solid main pillar at Hamburg’s aviation location and face new challenges on moving to ZAL.

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