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Airbus Montagelinie A320 © Airbus

Airbus launches new A320 structure assembly line in Hamburg

Airbus using robots for fuselage assembly of A320s

Airbus inaugurated Tuesday (October 1, 2019) its highly automated fuselage structure assembly line for A320 aircraft in Hamburg marking an evolution in its industrial production system. Special emphasis is on manufacturing longer sections for the A321LR in Hamburg-Finkenwerder. The new facility features 20 robots, a new logistics concept, automated positioning by laser measurement as well as a digital data acquisition system.

Martin Schöllhorn und André Walter bei der neuen Montagelinie
Michael Schöllhorn and André Walter © Airbus

More automation and more robots

This new fuselage structure assembly line is an essential enabler for the A320 Family ramp-up. Increasing the level of automation and robotics enables faster, more efficient manufacturing while keeping our prime focus on quality,” said Michael Schoellhorn, Airbus Chief Operating Officer. Sixty A320 Family aircraft are built in Hamburg-Finkenwerder per month.

Fuselage construction in hangar 245

Fuselage shells are assembled into sections and then into aircraft fuselages. The fuselages are equipped with electronic and mechanical systems in Hamburg before being delivered to other German locations, France, China and the U.S. for final assembly.

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