Susanne Gernandt und Jörg Laser aus dem Vorstand von Hamburg macht Kinder gesund und Prof. Dr. Muntau, Direktorin der Klinik und Poliklinik für Kinder- und Jugendmedizin des UKE sowie Rainer Schoppik, Kaufmännischer Direktor des UKE © UKE

UKE receives large donation for children's hospital

"Hamburg macht Kinder gesund" donates EUR 200,000 to new children's hospital - likely completion date in autumn

The “Hamburg macht Kinder gesund” association has donated EUR 200,000 to the new children’s hospital at the Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), which is due for completion in autumn, a press release said Monday. “The build is going according to schedule and within budget,” said Rainer Schoppik, Commercial Director of UKE.

“The UKE’s new hospital for children costs EUR 69.5 million and we are reliant on the support of philanthropists. We wish to thank the ‘Hamburg macht Kinder gesund‘ association for their generous donation. The association is helping us to build one of the most modern university hospitals for children in north Germany which will combine child-friendly, state-of-the-art medicine in a comfortable environment,” said Schoppik. UKE needs another EUR 4 million to reach its target. The city of Hamburg is funding around one third of the costs.

Only oncological hospital for children in Hamburg Metropolitan Region

The UKE is to become a model in the care of children and youths in north Germany. The new hospital will pave the way for forward-looking, state-of-art medicine in the care of children with cancer, severe neurological and rare congenital diseases and heart diseases as well as children who require liver, kidney or bone marrow transplants. The new hospital will be the only oncological children’s hospital of its kind in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

Susanne Gernandt, Chair of “Hamburg macht Kinder gesund”, said: “We are delighted by this place of recovery and comfort with lovingly decorated rooms, space for one parent in the patient’s room and age-appropriate playrooms. Apart from the children’s wonderful medical care at UKE, a family-friendly and child-friendly atmosphere is being created that will boost the recovery process for all children.”

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