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World‘s largest statistics platform set to conquer new markets

To make money with the power of numbers? Friedrich Schwandt surely succeeded. Together with four founders and the enthusiastic team, the Hamburg entrepreneur has set up the world‘s largest online statistics portal since 2007.

More than 18,000 sources feed the data base with market figures, studies, and projections. 1.5 million statistic offer clear, quick and consistent results. Strategic partners in the aggregation of data are the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach, the German Institute for Economic Research, the EHI Retail Institute, die Wirtschaftsauskunftei Creditreform and the Handelsblatt publishing group. Since late 2011, info graphics complement Statista‘s offer. Each day, they are published by and Zeit Online.

In total, some 12,000 clients already benefit from Statista‘s analytic services and statistics, with 500 of them being large scale companies. In addition, 80 per cent of universities have a paid subscription. Only 20 per cent of data is available for free.

Named start-up of the year 2008, Statista has been honoured with many awards since then. It meanwhile not only conquered the German speaking markets of Austria and Switzerland, but also set up a branch in New York City, and, most recently, in the United Kingdom. France, Spain, Brazil, and China are the next targets on the expansion list.

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