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Urban Development of Wilhelmsburg's New Centre To Be Continued

In the centre of the river island, an areas of mixed use will be erected with publicly funded and privately financed flats, commercial spaces, and daycare centre

As the largest urban development project of the IBA Hamburg, the new centre of the Elbe island of Wilhelmsburg called Wilhelmsburg Mitte is an key project of Hamburg’s leap across the Elbe river strategy. At Wilhelmsburg, buildings with a special design and conceptual quality are being constructed that set new standards in urban development.

Neuenfelder Straße In Focus

Now, additional plots at Neuenfelder Straße will be developed. Together with Hamburg’s municipal real estate management and real property (LIG), IBA Hamburg has concluded a call for tender, with PRIMUS / KerVita and steg/Holger Cassens contracted for the construction project. The three plots are located right next to the State Ministry for Urban Development and the Environment in the triangle of Drateln- and Neuenfelder Straße and form a link to the IBA project of Dratelnstraße, currently in competition.

Mixed Use in the Heart of Elbe Island

In the middle of the river island, its new centre will see a mixed usewith publicly funded and privately financed flats, commercial spaces, and a daycare centre for children. A total of 400 flats and student apartments will be built in the next two years. Construction is scheduled to start in summer 2016.

Prof. Jörn Walter, member of the jury and Hamburg’s chief planner: “The International Building Exhibition Hamburg has set important impulses for the further development of Wilhelmsburg. With the now presented draft, the tradition of an innovative and sophisticated architecture in the heart of Wilhelmsburg will be continued.

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