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Two New Bachelor Degree Programmes at Leuphana

At Leuphana College in Lüneburg, two new Business Administration programmes will be introduced by the winter semester 2016/17

Students will then be able to choose from three business administration programmes to attain a bachelor’s degree. All three programmes are custom-tailored to specific areas of business administration, while simultaneously reaching out far beyond traditional borders of the filed of study by addressing issues such as asustainability, public welfare, IT, law, psychology, and sociology.

International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship

The B.A. degree course “International Business Administration & Entrepreneurship” is entirely taught in English. It invites students to acquire extensive knowledge in business areas such as accounting, marketing, organisation, and funding to handle tasks in the fields of management and entrepreneurship with solid theoretical reasoning.

“Management and entrepreneurship mean to us to shape to link business processes to social responsibility. In our programme, students learn to do this in an international context, and to incorporate values ​​that go beyond profit maximisation”, says Prof. Dr. Michael Gielnik, responsible for the curriculum of the new course. Open to a
maximum of 35 participants, the online application will be open by mid-May 2016.

Business Administration: Finance & Accounting

“After the financial crisis, concepts on sustainable funding of companies emerged, and new forms of successful communication with stakeholders. Tis interdisciplinary thinking is the subject of our planned B.A. programme ‘Finance & Accounting’ at Leuphana”,explains the head of programme, Prof. Dr. Patrick Velte.

In this new B.A. degree programme, students will be addressing current and relevant problem areas from the perspective of finance and accounting and related disciplines such as Tax, Banking & Auditing, and learn to independently carry out analyses. Focal themes will be corporate management and monitoring.

Business Administration: Management & Behaviour

The second new degree course strives to better understand man and his behaviour in a dynamic environment characterised by changing values, digitisation, and sustainability. “The behaviour of man in a variety of roles. i.e. customer and consumer, employee and manager, is the focus of the planned degree course in Management & Behaviour”, said Prof. Dr. Sigrid Bekmeier Feuerhahn.

According to the head of this new degree course, the programme aims at providing elementary knowledge of economic processes, ranging from financing to management, marketing, and human resource. In addition, students learn to look at issues from an economic, social and psychological perspective.

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