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Survey: Majority of Hamburg Companies Willing to Hire Migrants

New survey of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Poster campaign announced. Matchmaking on 4 November at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Four out of five Hamburg-based company with more than ten employees are keen on recruiting refugees as interns or full-time employees. 70 per cent of firms are willing to take migrants as trainees. These are the results of a survey conducted by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce among 10,650 companies, with 1,672 companies responding.

h2.Matchmaking Session for Refugees and Companies

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce has a file of companies, which should be used for mediation efforts. As Hamburg will begin with the competence assessment of refugees on 1 November, the first matching can be arranged. For this purpose, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce will free two employees from their daily work to participate in the W.I.R. (“Work and integration for refugees’) projekt. “On 4 November 2015, we will bring together selected refugees with Hamburg-based company on the large trading floor of our chamber’s premise to gather hands-on experiences and hopefully also achieve some initial success”, said Fritz Horst Melsheimer, president of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

“Arrived in Hamburg” Initiative

Prof. Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz, CEO of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, also announced the “Arrived in Hamburg” campaign, which will feature portraits of successfully integrated refugees and emphasise the role the company played in the integration. The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce thus wants to communicate successes and promote the culture of welcome in companies and society.

Further Results of the Survey

“The willingness to integrate, German language skills, and the perspective to stay are the most important criteria in the integration of refugees in the Hamburg labour market”, says Melsheimer. For about two-thirds of respondents, the readiness of refugees to integrate themselves is “very important”. More than 60 per cent called German language skills quintessential. A status of residency is important to 50 per cent of respondents. 39 per cent of companies would even choose refugees as interns even without residency.

The question whether the company’s management or its staff would act as sponsor or mentor and assist refugees with administrative formalities, housing, and work culture was answered “yes” by 30.2 percent of companies. 55 per cent said “possibly”. 37.2 per cent of respondents would accept a company independent godfather, 41.8 per cent could imagine such as thing.

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Consulting Migrant Companies

Since August 1, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce has been operating a new department as a focal point for immigrant entrepreneurs with foreign roots. In the department “Migrant Companies”, all expertise related to questions that need to be addressed or solves by entrepreneurs with a migration background will be bundled. Next to free consultancy by member companies and advice on the chamber’s integration programme, support to migrants are planning to start a business will be offered. Further details are given in the “Hamburg News”:

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