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Survey: Industry Highly Important

75 of Hamburg citizens call "industry" highly important for Hamburg's industry. Master plan industry to secure Hamburg's future as industrial location

Three-quarters of Hamburg’s local are of the opinion that the industry plays an “important to indispensable role” in the city’s future. This is the result of a representative survey on the acceptance of industry in Hamburg, which was carried out in regard to the implementation of the master plan industry. To a clear majority (66 per cent) industry was a positive factor that significantly contributed to the “tax revenue of the city” (74 per dent), “training opportunities” (66 per cent ) and “prosperity” (62 per cent). 65 per cent of respondents believe that industry strengthens the reputation of the city. At the same time, 80 per cent of the respondents expect from the industry “more information, transparency and an open ear for the concerns of citizens.”

The Better Informed, The Higher The Acceptance

Strikingly, a higher knowledge of industrial enterprises in the city results in a more positive the opinion of respondents. For 51 per cent connotations of industry in Hamburg are neutral to positive terms. Only eleven per cent of the citizens regard “industrial” as a rather intuitive or negative term. 38 per cent of Hamburg local spontaneously have no concrete thoughts or emotions in regard to “industry in Hamburg”. 20 per cent of Hamburg citizens are willing to accept a lower quality of life, including sounds and smells, for “securing the future of Hamburg’s industry”. An increase in road traffic, for instance through the establishment of new industrial enterprises, is accepted by 30 per cent of respondents.

Asked about the future development of Hamburg, locals positively compare the industry to other sectors and praise its “diverse training opportunities”, “decent working conditions”, and “high safety standards”. 80 per cent of respondents share these “expectations”.

Preparing Joint Activities Of The Master Plan Industry

1,005 Hamburg citizens participated in the survey between 19 and 30 October 2015. The survey will help to prepare joint activities by the agents of the masterplan industry, and increase the acceptance of the conditions of industry in the population. The research and consulting company Meinecke & Rosengarten and the communications agency RAIKESCHWERTNER conducted the survey in collaboration with the Hamburg Ministry of Economy, Transport, and Innovation (BWVI), the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, the Industry Association Hamburg and the DGB North.

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About the Master Plan Industry

The master plan industry has been updated on 11 February2014 The first version was signed on 30 August 2007. The master plan industry determines the strategic framework for securing and expanding the industry in Hamburg. As a seventh field of action, the chapter was “Acceptance of the conditions for industry” was newly added. For this purpose, it is said in the masterplan industry (quote p.21):
“Strengthening the acceptance of the industry in the population can only be achieved through dialogue with the relevant groups in society and through an open and trustful information policy. To achieve this, the partners plan joint activities. These include, among others, to carry out a representative survey of the population of Hamburg over the image and reputation of Hamburg’s industry. (…) This study is aiming to draw lessons for the joint development of proposals for measures to strengthen the acceptance for the industry in the population by custom-tailoured communication.”

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