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Summer festival in HafenCity to get underway soon

500 firms have branches in Hamburg's HafenCity. Open-air event series highlights leisure value in Elbe district

This year’s “Summer in HafenCity” event series gets underway on June 5 and runs through August 28, and will again turn public squares and promenades into public stages for poetry slams, swing dancing, urban gardening or graffiti workshops. New events this year include an urban workout training area, a football tournament and a comedy event. The HafenCity districts aims to intertwine work, living, culture, leisure, tourism and retail there unlike other suburbs.

Dropbox in HafenCity

Some 42 per cent of buildings in HafenCity are offices. The U.S. file-hosting service Dropbox recently opened its first German branch in Hamburg. And banana trader Chiquita has relocated its German headquarters to Hamburg near HafenCity.

So far, over 500 firms ranging from logistics, architecture, media, communication, catering, retail and tourism have set up offices in the Elbe district. Container shipping companies like China Shipping and NYK were among the first to set up shop there and were followed by Unilever, Germanischen Lloyd. Spiegel Group also has an impressive office building in Ericusspitze in HafenCity.

Completion between 2025 and 2030

Speaking during the presentation of this year’s building projects, Prof. Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg, Chairman of the Managing Board of HafenCity Hamburg GmbH, said: “The building projects starting in 2016 alone or which are entering the completion phase reflect the whole range of ambitious municipal development. They range from complex large projects with international builders right up to organised and fragmented structures in the district with many diverse builders in Baakenhafen.” HafenCity is due to be completed between 2025 and 2030.

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