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Social welfare expenditure Increased by Hamburg

In 2014, Hamburg spent 954 million euro on social assistance. Six per cent increase compared to the previous year

The Office of Statistics of Northern Germany reports an increase in spending on social assistance in Hamburg. Compared to the previous year, social welfare expenditure grew by six per cent in 2014 compared to last year. In medium-term comparison with 2009, there has been a 28 per cent rise.

Inclusion of People with Handicap

With 954 million euro spent in 2014, the majority of funds were allocated to Hamburg’s efforts of inclusion, with a rise of 44 per cent of funds to improve the integration of people with disabilities. 248 million euro, and thus a quarter of funds, were used to cover basic needs of old or/and disabled people.

Other areas with significant spending include the funds for care (180 million euro), assistance towards healthcare and reimbursement of health insurance (48 million euro), assistance for subsistence (44 million euro) and other support services (17 million euro).

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