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Hamburg's Restaurant Support Charities

"Hilf Mahl" , the charitable campaign of Hamburg's restaurants, is launching its third year. Willingness to donate expected to be high once again

When the days are getting shorter and the nights colder, the fate of homeless is particularly close to us. This is also reflected in the generosity of our guests”, says Sabine Zschiesche, director of the” Apple Restaurants . Park Hyatt Hamburg. Since 2013, the restaurant has been a partner of the fundraising campaign “HilfMahl!”: http: //, inviting guests to donate one euro to the charitable organisation HilfMahl that uses the money to initiatives and projects assisting homeless people.

Voluntary Donation

The project is always running in the winter months, i.e. from November to February. In 2015, 18 Hamburg restaurants are participating in the campaign. HilfMahl! was founded in 2013 with just six partners. In the participating restaurants, cards on the tables provide information on the campaign. The donation is voluntary and can be taken off the bill at request. The donation of one euro is regarded as a guideline and may be higher.

Prominent Supporters

The donations collected are, for instance, used to support the Hamburg street magazine “Hinz & Kunzt”: http: //, the “Hamburger Tafel”: http: //, the “Caritas-Schwerpunktpraxis”: http: //, the “Container Project for Women”: //www.wohlfuehlmorgen: http: // or the “Hamburger Wohlfühlmorgen”: http Prominent faces supporting the caimpaing are the actor Ulrich Tukur, the author Kirsten Boie, and the TV celebrity chef Steffen Henssler, who is promoting the campaign in his two Hamburg restaurants “Henssler & Henssler”: http: // and “Ono”: http: //www.onobysteffenhenssler. de.

More than 20,000 Euro

Initiators of HilfMahl! are Sophie and Matthias Bach, who brought the idea to Hamburg after a visit to London, where the “Street Smart”: http: // project had been introduced in 1998. In Hamburg, more than 20,000 euro were collected last year. “In 2015, we hope for even higher donations than in previous years”, says initiator Sophie Bach. The Hamburg project has already been copied by Munich, where HilfeMahl is now running in the second year.

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