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"Mobile only" spreading across Germany

Global real-time advertiser gaining stronger footing in Germany as mobile only pushes ahead

Smaato, the leading global real-time advertising platform for mobile publishers and app developers, is growing in Germany where it reaches some 39 million of 52 million smartphone users. Real-time advertising refers to swift purchases and sales of advertising banners.

Mobile apps paving way for “mobile only”

More and more tasks such as booking a holiday can be done on mobile phones with internet connections. Mobile phones play a key role in the Internet of Things and “mobile-only” strategies are on the rise in Germany and has long since become reality in Asia. Such a strategy can mean that that a company offers its products or services only on a dedicated mobile application. Many communication channels including social media are offered only on mobile devices. “There is no way around mobiles in Germany any more. And German advertisers should put smart phones at the centre of all their marketing efforts,” according to Ragnar Kruse, founder and CEO of Smaato.

Increasing expenditure on mobile advertising

Expenditure on mobile ads now accounts for 57 per cent of total digital expenditure in Germany, according to Smaato and is likely to reach 80 per cent by 2021. Apps are the most convenient touch screen entry format and are a major force on the market this year and probably for years to come. Expenditure on in-app advertising came to 90 per cent in Q1 2017 while spending on mobile web ad spending came to only 10 per cent. Advertisers place great value on in-app advertising and especially improved user tracking and targeting, said Kruse.

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About Smaato

Founded in 2005 by Ragnar Kruse and Petra Vorsteher, Smaato offers a global, free to use self-service platform and ad server that brings native, video and real-time advertising to over 90,000 mobile app developers and publishers. It also connects 10,000 advertisers including 91 of the the top 100 ad age brands. The company employs 224 people from 30 nations. Smaato manages up to 10 billion mobile ad impressions daily and reaches over 1 billion users every month. Smaato is headquartered in San Francisco and has 110 staff at the European headquarters in Hamburg.

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