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HamburgAmbassador in Argentina: "Hamburg has to distinguish itself from other large cities by future-oriented topics such as smartPort“

The Hanseatic city is an internationally attractive location. Its awareness and attraction, however, are still very influenced by the Port of Hamburg. But also young, future-oriented industries are increasingly gaining more importance world-wide. “As a business location, Hamburg should distinguish itself more strongly from other Western European cities, for example in renewable energies, media and IT, logistics, and life sciences”, says Matthias Klein Hempel, HamburgAmbassador in Argentina.

“Hamburg should put more emphasis on advertising its locational benefits, and promoting its industry clusters, and advantages of its geographical position”, continues Kleinhempel, who has been promoting the Hanseatic city in Buenos Aires for the past three years. “Topics such as smartPort or Smart City are good differentiator because they have not yet been otherwise occupied in Germany.”

Huge Potentials In Many Sectors

“Last May, Buenos Aires was invited as partner city of the Port of Hamburg’s anniversary. Buenos Aires’ Cabinet Chief and several ministers travelled to Hamburg. “The visit of the high-level delegation from Buenos Aires was a success with many positive consequences” Kleinhempel recalls. “There were various port projects initiated, and not only in the tourism sector.” In Buenos Aires, the Lecturer in Business Policy at the IAE Business School, a leading business school in Latin America is not only pursuing an increased co-operation between the universities. by also in port and traffic management.

Hamburg Still Mostly Known As Port City

According to Kleinhempel, the greatest interest in co-operation lies within two fields: the port and public transport. “Hamburg is known, particularly in Buenos Aires, as a port city. Overall, Germany is not one of Argentina’s major partner of trade and travel. However, as Germany more frequently appears in the media as an important country of the EU, this is now slowly changing.” The process can be accelerated. “Here, I can be helpful and contribute to speedening up process as HamburgAmbassador by developing initiatives and establishing contacts.”

Also Using Culture In The Location Competition

Also in the field of culture, Kleinhempel sees great potentials for the Hanseatic city. “Right now I’m helping to organise the exhibition of Argentine artist group Mondongo that will be displayed in Hamburg in 2016. I also want to inspire as many Argentine musicians to participate inthe Reeperbahn Festival in September.” The HamburgAmbassador shas a very special request: “My dream is to see the orchestra of the world famous Teatro Colón play the opening concert of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall “.

His recommendation for 2015 and beyond: Hamburg should continue to particularly promote future-oriented industries. “In this field, the Elbe city can demonstrate competitive advantages over other cities.”

Ten Years Of Hamburg Ambassadors

For centuries, it has been a tradition of Hamburg locals to live abroad. A Hanseatic merchant had to explore the world and spent some years abroad before the was regarded as fit for starting his own company in Hamburg or to work in his father’s office. Launched in 2005, the HamburgAmbassador programme instrumentalises this tradition to promote Hamburg’s assets internationally. It is backed by the Hamburg Business Development Corporation, the Senate Chancellery, the Chamber of Commerce, and Hamburg Marketing GmbH.

HamburgAmbassadors are active in an innovative global network to boost the awareness and appreciation of Hamburg internationally. The honorary representatives promote Hamburg in their respective circles and advertise the city’s assets in their social sphere. Parallel to the Day of Overseas Trade, the HamburgAmbassadors meet in Hamburg once a year to gain insights into the city’s latest developments and to gather information on Hamburg’s future-oriented projects.

Eligible as HamburgAmbassadors are persons who are closely associated with the Hanseatic city, but are currently living permanently abroad. Occupying a prominent position in the economy, culture or society, they promote the city at business events and so-called “Hamburg evenings” “ to which friends, business partners, and top decision-makers are being invited.

In addition, the HamburgAmbassadors be actively involved in the planning of exhibitions, meetings, conferences and receptions. By using their network and contacts, they thus assist in the preparation of international activities by Hamburg. Currently, 36 HamburgAmbassadors are active in 22 countries. The Ambassador Programme is managed by the Hamburg Business Development Corporation.

In 2015, the HamburgAmbassadors will be celebrating their ten-year anniversary in May. This year’s meeting will focus on “Hamburg – The Media City”.

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