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Empfang im Hamburger Haus (Mitte: N. Boltze)

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Hamburg Ambassador Nikolaus Boltze in Tokyo: Aviation and consumer goods offer great business opportunities for Japanese companies in Hamburg

A free Wi-Fi hot spot of Hamburg Marketing next to the baggage carousel at the airport with helpful information on the city: in the opinion of Nicholas Boltze, there is still “room for improvement” in attracting Japanese visitors to Hamburg. Hamburg and local business opportunities take very probably true, says the HamburgAmbassador in Tokyo. According to the honorary HamburgAmbassador in Tokyo, Japanese entrepreneurs are, however, quite aware of Hamburg and its business opportunities.
h2. Northern Germany Is Still Quite Unknown In Japan

“Resettlement decisions are made by strategic considerations. Also, the language is an important criterion. It’s no secret that Japanese people prefer to go to London, where English as a global language is making communication much easier. “The potential of Northern Germany is still largely unknown to Japanese”, Boltze states. For the last ten years as CEO of ThyssenKrupp Technologies Japan Co., Ltd, and president of the German Chamber of Commerce in Japan in Tokyo, Bolzte now promotes the assets of the Hanseatic city as honorary representative.
h2. “Hamburg Has To Sell Itself As Gateway To Germany”

“In Japan, Hamburg must promote itself not only as an an attractive destination, but as a gateway to Germany”, Boltze is convinced. Japan’s a aviation industry and its suppliers are today still focused on Boeing, and thus Seattle and the US. Japanese companies from the aviation industry would well fit to Hamburg. Great business opportunities also exist in the consumer sector. As Hanseatic ladies love luxury goods, a branch of Mikimoto, a specialist of cultured pearls, would be a good choice.
h2. Pros communicate even more

Economic relations between the two countries are stable and effective by tradition, but less in the spotlight. “Do good and talk about it – the challenge will be to promote Hamburg’s known assets to make them heard here. A volunteer like me, the HamburgAmbassador in Tokyo, can only contribute a small part to the communication.”

Strong Ties In Business

Home to more than 100 Japanese companies, including 25 European and 35 German headquarters, Hamburg is one of the country‘s leading locations for East Asia. Already back in 1962, Panasonic discovered Hamburg as a hotspot for economic growth, followed by Olympic in 1963. With more than 2,400 staff, Olympus today is the metro region‘s largest Japanese employer. In Hamburg, Japanese companies do not only trade, but also produce. As an affiliate of Makita Corp., Dolmar manufactures chain saws in Hamburg, Makino produces machine tools, Hosokawa Kreuter special machinery for the sweets industry. All financial matters are being dealt by the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, which opened offices in Hamburg 60 years ago. In total, Japanese companies employ more than 6,000 staff in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. The majority of enterprises present in Hamburg originates from Tokyo and the Kansai region, i.e. from Hamburg‘s sister city Osaka and its surrounds. In return, some 550 Hamburg firms maintain business ties with Japan, 35 of them with branches.

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