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Series "Hamburg In The World": HamburgAmbassador Sven Oehme

“Hamburg is known internationally. All Americans I know that have visited Hamburgare enthusiastic about the city”, says Sven C. Oehme, since June 2005 HamburgAmbassador in New York. Oehme had been the first to be appointed to the position of honorary representative of Hamburg ten years ago. “Hamburg, however, could do more for its public image, for instance in a city like New York”, states Oehme. “This could be done, for instance, by especially targeted local events, at whichHamburg is presenting itself culturally and economically.”

Oehme is promoting Hamburg’s assets in New York City as one of the 36 HamburgAmbassadors in 22 countries. But lets see how international Hamburg truly is. What is essential to the Hamburg image abroad? And how could Hamburg and its metro region increase its visibility as business location internationally? These were some of the questions Hamburg News asked the city’s very first HamburgAmbassador.

One Of The World’s Top Three Locations In Aviation

“Hamburg has been known internationally as a hub of global trade and a busy port for more than 800 years. The TTIP free trade and investment agreements between Europe and the U.S. will further strengthen the international role of the Hanseatic city and increase international trade”, Oehme continued

The importance of the Port of Hamburg’s logistics expertise and Hamburg’s position as one of the world’s top three location of aircraft construction should thus be used to further strengthen Hamburg’s competitiveness. “Of course, “Airbus” is a term known to the Americans, but is not linked to Hamburg as one of the world’s top three locations of the world’s aerospace industry, and Europe’s number two after Toulouse.

More Co-Operations In IT

But it’s not only in port expertise and trading, Oehme sees great potential. “Regardless of the ever-growing technology industry at the west coast’s Silicon Valley, we also see a significant increase in technology companies in the metro region of New York City. Hamburg is one of Europe’s leading cities of the gaming industry. I thus see good starting points to for interesting collaborations between IT companies from both cities. I can only strongly recommend to promote these industries accordingly.”

Outlook 2015

2015 will be a year full of great chances, Oehme is convinced. “With an economic growth of five per cent in the third quarter, and Europe’s falling prices for industrial energy and future independence from energy imports, the U.S. market offers great opportunities to Hamburg-based companies. This will concern, in particular, Hamburg-based company wanting to produce cheaper in the long-term. According to Oehme, Hamburg’s biggest challenges in 2015 will be forthcoming infrastructure projects and the deepening of the Elbe river.

Ten Years: Hamburg Ambassadors

For centuries, it has been a tradition of Hamburg locals to live abroad. A Hanseatic merchant had to explore the world and spent some years abroad before the was regarded as fit for starting his own company in Hamburg or to work in his father’s office. Launched in 2005, the HamburgAmbassador programme instrumentalises this tradition to promote Hamburg’s assets internationally. It is backed by the Hamburg Business Development Corporation, the Senate Chancellery, the Chamber of Commerce, and Hamburg Marketing GmbH.

HamburgAmbassadors are active in an innovative global network to boost the awareness and appreciation of Hamburg internationally. The honorary representatives promote Hamburg in their respective circles and advertise the city’s assets in their social sphere. Parallel to the Day of Overseas Trade, the HamburgAmbassadors meet in Hamburg once a year to gain insights into the city’s latest developments and to gather information on Hamburg’s future-oriented projects.

Eligible as HamburgAmbassadors are persons who are closely associated with the Hanseatic city, but are currently living permanently abroad. Occupying a prominent position in the economy, culture or society, they promote the city at business events and so-called “Hamburg evenings” “ to which friends, business partners, and top decision-makers are being invited.

In addition, the HamburgAmbassadors be actively involved in the planning of exhibitions, meetings, conferences and receptions. By using their network and contacts, they thus assist in the preparation of international activities by Hamburg. Currently, 36 HamburgAmbassadors are active in 22 countries. The Ambassador Programme is managed by the Hamburg Business Development Corporation.

In 2015, the HamburgAmbassadors will be celebrating their ten-year anniversary in May. This year’s meeting will focus on “Hamburg – The Media City”.

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