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Senate approves "Naturcent" rule

New mechanism for ecological, financial compensation - not extra burden on builders and tenants

The senate agreed Tuesday (December 20) on a so-called “Naturcent” levy to create ecological, financial compensation in the wake of building projects. The revenue will go towards the care and maintenance of parks and conservation areas. Builders and tenants will not be affected.

Levy higher in densely built areas

Jens Kerstan, Senator for the Environment, said: “Hamburg is a city with many green spaces and a high quality of life. That should remain so, even if our city is experiencing a building boom and more people are moving to Hamburg. That’s why we have created a mechanism to achieve a sensible compensation and to create room for upgrading parks and green spaces.” This is particularly important for people who do not have gardens and need well cared for green spaces, he added.

The levy will be based on revenue from property tax resulting from the development of new sites for housing and industrial estates. The revenue will go towards to the “Nature Conservation and Landscape Management” asset and will be backdated to January 1, 2016.

Decision based on quality of concept

Around EUR 3 million will be made available immediately as an advance payment. The sum will be reviewed later and set off in the next budget. The Environmental Authority will be responsible for distributing the monies based on the quality of the concept. Proposals to set up an advisory board are being considered at present.

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