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Security Made in Hamburg: London Relies On Surveillance by Basler

Basler's high tech cameras monitor the access to London's container port Tilbury. Partner of Visy for ten years

Fresh fruits from exotic countries even in winter, smartphones from Korea: Today’s consumers expect access to merchandise from around the world. Container terminals are key hubs for transshipment of these goods, and security an important issue. To improve security at its facility, London’s container terminal introduced an advanced access control system. Basler IP cameras are an important part of the new access safeguards.

Basler & Visy: Relieable Long-Term Partners

Traditional access control solutions cannot properly utilise complex traffic guidance, OCR (optical character recognition), RFID (radio-frequency identification), or interfaces to 3rd-party management systems. But logistics and container terminals require fully-featured products to achieve the service levels they must offer. Visy is one of the most experienced suppliers in that field, and has been a partner of Basler, the hidden champion for high-end surveillance cameras, of the Hamburg Metropolitan Region.

Clear Images Also From Moving Objects

Visy’s Access Gate solution uses cameras and a sophisticated proprietary OCR algorithm to read the license
plates of every vehicle entering and exiting the area. When deciding on the camera technology, Visy once again chose Basler. Its IP cameras not only deliver crystal clear images of any license plate for OCR, but were also equipped with a CCD sensor with a global shutter. A global shutter is especially important when capturing images of moving objects. Global shutter technology prevents the images from becoming distorted and therefore unsuitable for OCR. In addition, the two megapixel cameras provides colour images day and night

Fully Automated Access Control

The cameras in Visy’s Access Gate system are installed at the entrance to the harbour area. They capture images of every vehicle approaching the gate barriers. The camera images are then transmitted to the access control operating environment, where OCR detection takes place. If the system associates the detected license plate number with an authorised vehicle, the barrier will open and let the vehicle pass. When the system can’t read a license plate, the driver is able to feed the license plate in manually, and people in the control room can also feed it in manually as well. In this harbor installation, the access control system interfaces with other systems of the London Container Terminal in Tilbury.

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