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Nearly 4.2 Million Euro For Research on Jewish Scepticism

The DFG German Research Foundation will fund a new research group at the University of Hamburg. Philological studies in the quest of "truth"

The German Research German Research Foundation decided to fund a research team on Jewish Scepticism/HCAS-JS for initially four years with nearly 4.2 million euro. Headed by the University of Hamburg, the eight-year project will start in October 2015, with funds initially allocated only for the first four years. Prof. Dr. Prof. h.c. Giuseppe Veltri, Department of Philology, Institute of Jewish Philosophy and Religion.

What Is Truth?

The HCAS JS will be dealing with the various aspects of Jewish skepticism. Skepticism is both a philosophical school of thought controversial since ancient times and a method that crosses disciplines and cultures. It is based on doubts about the possibility of knowledge and puts everything in principle and always in question. Although the questioning of all aspects of life is a fundamental feature of Judaism and skepticism, and the epistemological understanding of the reality essentially determines Jewish philosophy, this viewpoint has been largely ignored in previous research of both skepticism and Jewish philosophy.

Cross-Cultural Approach & International Fellowship Programme

To investigate the complexity of the Jewish skepticism and their links with other traditions in Western philosophy and culture, the research group will not only work beyond cultural borders, but also launch a new fellowship programme for 15 Hamburg professors and international scholars from various disciplines. One study focus of the scientists will be the early modern period (roughly 1500 to 1800) as an era of rediscovery and reappraisal of ancient skepticism.

Overall, the DFG established four new college research groups, thus funding a total of eleven on national level for a period of eight years. The support schemes has been custom-tailoured for humanities.

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