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Refugees Are Welcome!

Hamburg Chamber of Commerce presents its integration concept for refugees. Chamber president Melsheimer: “Our business community welcomes the refugees!"

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce drew up a seven-part approach to facilitate the integration of refugees into the labour market. “At this crucial point, we want to help integration in collaboration with the Hamburg-based companies”, chamber president Fritz Horst Melsheimer Präses said at the presentation of the concept on Monday.

Guidelines for Companies

The integration strategy promotes, inter alia, the mentoring of refugees by volunteers. Potential volunteers could come, thus the chamber, from businesses operated by migrants, organisations directed at foreign citizens, and the consular corps. In addition, the chamber offers an employment guide for refugees, information and events on work and residence law as well as a job exchange.

Planned Survey of Members

To find out more about the commitment and specific requirements for language skills or professional pre-qualification, Melsheimer also announced a survey among member companies to find out where and how professional training could be offered to refugees, and which jobs could be created for or filled by refugees. To improve the “integration climate”, a poster campaign under the slogan “Arrived in Hamburg” will be launched.

Migration as an Opportunity

Melsheimer stressed that Hamburg’s economyis dependent on immigrants “now and in the coming years”, with migrants fertilising the further development of the city. In this context, Melsheimer reminded that Hamburg alway benefited from migrants in its long history as a city of trade and commerce.

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