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Pilot project to certify refugees' skills

14 participants receive certificates. Commerce in Hamburg happy with 3+2 regulation

Fourteen refugees were presented Friday with certificates in the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg as proof of their skills in the catering sector. Ulrich Bremer, Deputy Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce, said: “These certificates should give firms to which they apply for an internship, a job or dual vocational education a better overview of their professional knowledge and make a decision on hiring them easier.” Bremer expressed satisfaction with the 3+2 regulation and the suspension of the priority regulation.

Orientation in the first year of training

Most of the refugees are from Syria and Iraq and had to undergo a fortnight of scrutiny during which they demonstrated their skills in the kitchen, service and housekeeping to experts from the Chamber of Commerce and the Grone Education Centre. The examiners looked for proof of the basic requirements made on trainees in the first year of their dual vocational training.

The pilot project emerged after partners including the Employment Agency, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Family and Integration, Grone Hamburg and the Jobcenter Hamburg had difficulties rating skills obtained by the refugees in their home countries. .

Highly motivated

Ulrich Wessels, Managing Director of Grone Hamburg, said: “This project is proof that refugees can be integrated into the labour market in a short space of time. “Their strong motivation and their unexpectedly good skills have already attracted the attention of the first interested companies.” At present, Hamburg has nearly 1,000 vacancies in restaurants and hotels and the project could prove a key to success in future.

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