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PI-Minds macht Unternehmen fit für die digitale Transformation © pi-minds

PI-Minds prepares companies for digital transformation

Three founders with different expertise are the brain behind PI-Minds - IT service available in Hamburg for just over a year

Dr. Alexander Stankevich, 36, has a clear view of the Elbphilharmonie from his desk. PI-Minds Development und Consulting GmbH is based on the ninth floor of the Beim Strohhause skyscraper Berliner Tor in central Hamburg. The Ukrainian-born Stankevich relishes the spectacular view and noted: “I love the city and I even like the weather.” Thus, it comes as no surprise that he seized the opportunity to set up PI-Minds in Hamburg as a German branch of the Ukraine-headquartered company with Vasiliy Kuchma and Pavel Jablonskiy in 2015. At the time, he was already well acquainted with weather in Hamburg. He had earlier completed his Master of Business Administration at the Kühne Logistics University and then did a two and a half year stint at Kühne and Nagel. “There, I was responsible mainly for implementing systems.” Stankevich completed his Ph.D. at the Technical University of Kharkiv in Ukraine supervised by Professor Mikhail Godlevskiy, who is “one of the leading IT scientists in Ukraine”.

Special offer for start-ups and entrepreneurs

PI-Minds focuses mainly on sales – and that holds plenty of work. The diversified IT company assists SMEs with digital transformation. On the other hand, PI-Minds optimises clients’ webpages and takes charge of hosting on request and also boosts search engines and the associated marketing. “Our ‘300/7’ format is a special offer,” stressed Stankevich. For a fixed price of only EUR 300, the company develops an entire new website in just a week. The customer just has to supply the content including texts, photographs and videos. The offer is suitable for both start-ups and entrepreneurs, who do not wish to hire an IT manager. But regardless of start-up or established company, “we wish to established a long-term partnership with our customers and can put together a team suite to every IT project based experience.”

Going global from Hamburg

Although PI-Minds is still a fledgling company, but: “Together, we have a total of 75 years experience based on the sum of expertise among all the team members in our Ukrainian headquarters,” said Stankevich laughing and points to international projects such as developing a CRM system for the Urban Alarm security company in Washington, a comprehensive dispatching service for taxi companies in Ukraine and “” in Prague. “Kidsvisitor is a geo-information system that we developed for parents of children aged from just a few months to 14 years,” Stankevich explained. Parents can find child-friendly entertainment events using a mobile app for iOS and Android as well as information about sports, educational institutions or paediatric care centres. The app also gives parents an overview of discounted children’s products.

Support by the Hamburg Business Development Corporation (HWF)

To stir up interest among Hanseatic firms, PI-Minds is being supported by the Hamburg Business Development Corporation (HWF), which encourages international companies to establish branches in Hamburg. “HWF has been very helpful – both with the search for suitable offices and making contacts to commerce in Hamburg as well as to colleges and universities and the location initiative Hamburg@work.” Thanks to this experience, Stankevich is also enthusiastic about other aspects of life in Hamburg and not merely the weather. “The market here is very promising and of great interest to us.”

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