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Otto Invests in Mobile Shopping via Smartphone

Expansion of mobile portfolio has the highest priority at the Hamburg-based international retailer. E-commerce sales soar to 6.6 billion euro

The Hamburg-based international Otto Group will close the current financial year 2015/16 (29.02.) with worldwide e-commerce sales growing by 400 million euro to 6.6 billion euro. Even better than the forecasts was the performance of Otto’s German online shop, with sales climbing by ten per cent to 4.4 billion euro.

Mobile Shopping Reaches 50 Per Cent Share

Around 50 per cent of visits to Otto’s online shops take place by using mobile devices. In mobile commerce, particularly smartphones have taken a role. The expansion of the mobile portfolio is therefore one of the highest priority at the Otto Group. In January of this year, the Group announced the widespread introduction of the mobile shopping app PowaTag. The free mobile app enables users to complete purchases in seconds by interacting with triggers including QR codes, beacons, audio signals as well as through links found on social media.

Mobile Commerce Is The Future

On the way to develop the whole group into a mobile-driven set of companies, the Otto Group launched its own Mobile Lab in the summer of 2015, supporting the Group companies both strategically and operationally in mobile commerce projects. Later this year, the unit will now be extended by a so-called App Acceleration Center, which will focus on the rapid implementation of shopping and service apps.

MyToys Groups – Otto’s Leader In Mobile Shopping

Particularly successful in mobile commerce is the Otto affiliate Mytys Group, with mobile sales soaring to new heights by 60 per cent. Mytoys Group bundles the shopping channels of Mytoys, Ambellis, Mirapodo, and Limango. In fiscal year 2015/2016, the group reported the best financial results since its formation in 1999 by reaching the half-billion-euro turnover mark (plus 20 per cent) for the very first time. In the current year, the new multi-device platform based on RTF will be introduced at all online shops of Mytoys Group to stimulate further growth in online shopping.

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