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More textiles With Sustainable Cotton

The Hamburg-based international retailer Otto Group increasedorder quantities for sustainable cotton last year by 50 per cent

Germany’s largest textile retailer has scored a further success with its sustainability strategy: last year it raised its order volume for sustainable cotton for its own and licenced brands by 50 per cent. The majority of textiles produced with sustainable cotton were marketed by the project initiated by Dr Michael Otto: “Cotton made in Africa” (CmiA). The Otto Group companies, in particular the single company OTTO, Bonprix and the Witt Group, marketed ten million articles within the CmiA initiative.

Orders To Fully Switch To Sustainable Cotton By 2020

While sustainably cultivated cotton thus currently represents an eleven per cent share of the Group’s entire cotton take-up, with this dynamic development the Group sees itself as on the right track to switch its entire order volume for its own and licensed brands over to sustainable cotton by 2020. Besides CmiA cotton, the Group promotes and uses sustainably cultivated, certified organic-quality cotton.

Social And Environmental Responsibility

Through its long-term goal of switching its total cotton order for own and licenced brands to sustainably cultivated cotton by 2020, the Otto Group is not only promoting conscious consumption among its customers but is also assuming its social and environmental responsibility in the production of raw materials. The “Cotton made in Africa” initiative has the objective to improve the living conditions of cotton farmers and their families in Sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore, it supports women’s cooperatives and the expansion of school infrastructures in African countries, in order to give cotton farmers’ children access to education.

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