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Order Premiere At Hamburg's Fashion Centre

With more than 1,000 collections from all major fashion brands, the "Order Premiere" held 8-13 February 2015 at Hamburg's fashion centre marks the peak in the Northern German order business.

In addition, guest exhibitors will showcase more than 300 collections at the Fashion Centre Hamburg, and thus the largest choice found in Northern Germany. The Order Premiere will start on Sunday, 8 February, with open doors at the MCH and end on Friday, 13 February 2015, thereby giving buyers and suppliers ample opportunities to explore assortments, themes and colours and to negotiate order details. In addition to a huge selection of pre-order collections, numerous fashion retailer will be showcasing latest Pronto Moda trends for immediate purchase and delivery. The service companies specialised in shop fitting, packaging, and lighting are also open on all days.

Fashion Hub Of Germany’s North

With more than 400 brands and 1,000 collections displayed on 72,000 sq m of floor space, the Fashion Centre Hamburg has been the meeting and order place for fashion in Germany’s north for more than 40 years. Each year, 80,000 trade visitors travel to the MCH, with visitors coming from all over Northern Germany and neighbouring countries. MCH’s catchment area extends from Scandinavia to northern North Rhine-Westphalia, and from the Netherlands to the Polish border. With around 270 sales offices, fashion agencies and offices, and more than 150 guest exhibitors, the MCH is one of the country’s leading German fashion centres. Market leader of the industry with exclusive showrooms and brands are represented alongside Pronto Moda vendors and importers with private labels. The national and international spectrum of offers ranges from low-cost streetware to premium-price categories.

Female Fashion Ahead Of Menswear

With 630 collections, women fashion dominates the shelves, followed by menswear, jeans and young fashion, accessories, children’s fashion, underwear/lingerie, home textiles, sports clothing, footwear and leather goods. In pasts years, sports and sports fashion, footwear and the home accessories range gained importance In the blocks m9 and m11, 180 premium labels are being represented. Also integrated into the MCH with 35 showrooms as permanent tenants and 30 guest exhibitors is SOC Hamburg as a focal point for shoe orders in Northern Germany.

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