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Modell Lighthouse Living © HC Hagemann

New "Lighthouse" shines at EXPO REAL

HC Hagemann presents maritime housing solution with a model at the Munich real estate fair - great views from a height of 20 metres

Eleven years ago, entrepreneur Arne Weber planned a little hotel in the disused Großer Vogelsand lighthouse in the German Bight. Excited by the views, the CEO of the Hamburg construction firm HC Hagemann thought on transfering this unique feeling of living to other places, and particularly his home town. Now, the vision may turn into reality, as Arne Weber and his team developed the idea into practical concept: the Lighthouse. Offering a 360° panoramic view at a height of 20 metres from 200 square metres of living area, a prototype of the innovative residential place will now be exhibited at the Hamburg stand at EXPO REAL. Taking place 6-8 October in Munich, the fair is Europe’s largest for commercial real estate and investment.

Views in all directions

The central element of the Lighthouse is a reinforced concrete tube, twelve to twenty metres high, on which the residential platform rests. From 230 square metres up here, the residents will be able to enjoy a unique view in all directions. A glass elevator and a staircase hidden in the concrete shaft will lift them up to the living area. The living room can be designed completely free around the core: open like a loft or like a conventional flat with individual rooms.

Roof garden

Even higher up is the 150 square metres on the roof. The house’s unique construction on a shaft with just three metres of diametre offers great advantages: construction requires only minimum ground space, and thus litte surface sealing. In addition, Hagemann’s lighthouse can be built on difficult terrain, such as flood-prone areas, slopes, or even right in the water.


A high-quality building insulation and an external, movable sun protection guarantee a low energy consumption. Combined with the use of renewable energy in the form of photovoltaics, the Lighthouse offers a high level of energy efficiency.

Hamburg at EXPO REAL

Hamburg will present itself at the EXPO REAL at the same location as last year on 640 square metres in hall B2. Even though now completely modernised, the Hamburg pavilion will remain true to its fresh and clear-cut design in the classic Hamburg colours of blue and red. After the addition of second level two years ago to house additional meeting rooms and lounge area, and the replacement of large structures ¬¬ HPA Hamburg Port Authority. ARCADIS and Richard Ditting increased their participation.

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Hamburg at EXPO REAL

Hamburg’s new urban development concept “More Urbanity in the City“ will the focal topic of Hamburg’s presentation at this year’s EXPO REAL. It is targeted at using the available space and land within the city’s urbanised areas more efficiently, and not to expand settlements at the expense of large valuable natural areas. “More urbanity in the city”, however, is not limited to issues of land use. It also means to enhance the Hamburg’s urban qualities, and to create an even more diverse city of the future, which continues to offer a high quality of life.

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